jQuery EasyUI 1.3.6发布

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地址 :http://www.jeasyui.com/download/index.php

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  • treegrid: The 'getChecked' method can not return correct checked rows. fixed.
  • tree: The checkbox does not display properly on async tree when 'onlyLeafCheck' property is true. fixed.
  • treegrid: All the selecting and checking methods are extended from datagrid component.
  • linkbutton: The icon alignment is fully supported, possible values are: 'top','bottom','left','right'.
  • linkbutton: Add 'size' property, possible values are: 'small','large'.
  • linkbutton: Add 'onClick' event.
  • menubutton: Add 'menuAlign' property that allows the user set top level menu alignment.
  • combo: Add 'panelAlign' property, possible values are: 'left','right'.
  • calendar: The 'formatter','styler' and 'validator' options are available to custom the calendar dates.
  • calendar: Add 'onChange' event.
  • panel: Add 'method','queryParams' and 'loader' options.
  • panel: Add 'onLoadError' event.
  • datagrid: Add 'onBeginEdit' event that fires when a row goes into edit mode.
  • datagrid: Add 'onEndEdit' event that fires when finishing editing but before destroying editors.
  • datagrid: Add 'sort' method and 'onBeforeSortColumn' event.
  • datagrid: The 'combogrid' editor has been integrated into datagrid.
  • datagrid: Add 'ctrlSelect' property that only allows multi-selection when ctrl+click is used.
  • slider: Add 'converter' option that allows users determine how to convert a value to the slider position or the slider position to the value.
  • searchbox: Add 'disabled' property.
  • searchbox: Add 'disable','enable','clear','reset' methods.
  • spinner: Add 'readonly' property, 'readonly' method and 'onChange' event.

Download EasyUI Package

There are two editions of EasyUI package:

GPL Edition

The GPL Edition is available under GPL License, you can use it in any GPL-licensed projects. Download jQuery EasyUI under GPL license:


Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition is also available under Commercial License, you can use it in a non-GPL/proprietary project.


Other Versions

The other released versions of jQuery EasyUI are also available. Click here to view a listing and choose which version you would like to download.


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